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On Sunday, no tomorrow for one team

After two 4-3 battles, Ole Miss and Virginia stand tied in the Oxford Super Regional with one game to decide who is on a plane to Omaha.

I've sat in the sun getting slightly crisped for two days watching Mike Bianco use every available weapon(save Kevin Mort bunting to bring in Miller rather than having him fly out to short left) to bring our team to victory.

Sunday is going to be the wILdEst version of this super regional yet.

Nathan Baker is going to be on the bump for the Rebels. Nate got into Bianco's doghouse this season and has been a mainstay in the midweek rotation. What we did to make Bianco not trust him, we do not know. He may have ignored signals, whined due to a smaller role in the pitching rotation or forgotten the three simple dance moves to "Love is Gone." It will remain a mystery.

Brett Bukvich apparently has some soreness in his arm and wasn't designated to start. He told David Kellum last week that he had to drive to OU Stadium with only one hand because of his performance in the regional the day before. Buk, we hate that you got injured, but I think Baker has got the better stuff right now anyway.

UVA's coach, Cavvy Cavalierman or O'Connell whatever, said he's got a few guys in mind to pitch tomorrow. Robert Poutier is the most likely choice from a glance at the numbers. He's got some experience and another low ERA. It was a little surprising that UVA used both Morey and Carraway Saturday to secure victory. It reminded me of the epic baseball flick Little Big League when Lou Piniella(played by himself) brings in Randy Johnson(played by himself) to face the Twins slugger Lou Collins(played by the dickhead dad from Field of Dreams, TIm Busfield).

Pitching has been so solid through Friday and Saturday, but the fundamentals and execution is obviously lacking causing the games to be closer than they should be. Both teams are going to bat aggressively Sunday with pitching staffs looking to find an answer anywhere(keep your shoulder warm Wade Broyles).

I'm packing my sunscreen, sunflower seeds and bourbon, Rebels. I plan to have a celebratory drink after the game is over tomorrow. I just hope that tomorrow we've earned another day to play.