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Walk out songs, videos. GET READY!

Why?  Because I cannot sleep and am consequently bored while lying in bed.  

I wanted to mention that Virginia is starting Sophomore righty Robert Morey who is 3-0 with a 2.91 ERA.  He has 79 SOs in 59 IP.  He also has two saves on the year because he has split time between starting and relieving. 

Since he is right handed, this is how I see the lineup:  Henry, Power, Smith, Snyder, Miller, Hubbard, Mort, Button, and Basham.  I could be completely off, but I think that Bianco goes with Bash again.  We should call him Brett Ba-SHAM WOW!  He was cleaning up everything behind the plate! (Ed: Wow... I'm truly embarrassed for this)

As you may have noticed, the NCAA does not allow the host site to display MPH of pitches or play the batter's walk out songs.  So, let's just have a couple here in honor of the boys.... Feel free to link your favorite walk out songs in the comments section.

Kyle Henson's walk out song


Zach Miller's walk out song... So fitting!

And lastly, a song to which the Rebels do silly motions. (How's that for grammar, Hunter C.?)