Calm down Arkansa, he's only ACTING like he's coaching the Hawgs


Here's a link to an ESPN article about the upcoming movie based on "The Blind Side." The are some good pictures of the various coaches on the movie set. Its interesting to see all of these guys because none of them are currently at the schools they coached when the movie is set. The Satan at LSU, Nutt at Arkansas, Fat Phil in Knoxville, Tubby on the Plains, Holtz in S. Carolina, and Humma-gumbo-fooball with the Rebs. Now everything has changed of course. Nutt mentions how he was nervous about representing the Hawgs on screen but did so out of respect for Mike. Saban had to have a team meeting to discuss his upcoming appearance as LSU's hc, adding that he hoped Bama fans would be big enough to understand this is a true story and it has nothing to do with his allegiances (read: money). Anyway, good article for a slow day, and I look forward to seeing this on the big screen.