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Better know a Super Regional Opponent: the numbers


There Ghost... I centered it... You happy?


Since Virginia played a bunch of patsies in non-conference, I will compare the ACC statistics of the Cavs with the SEC statistics of our wonderful Rebels.

       UVA    UM


.330 .303


4.63 4.14

Fielding % 

.972 .977


4th 15th

Conference Record

16-11 20-10
Conference Rank 6th 1st

This is really just a surface level observation of numbers, but it shows just how good this Virginia team is.  Also, this is Virginia's first Super Regional, so who knows how their young team will react.  What's the point?  The numbers are so similar that they're almost negligible (excuding BA).  There has to be an X factor.   They have good numbers, but who knows how long they can overcome adversity. 

Remember how our great tennis team had to travel to a regional and then to the "super regional" level hosted by the home team?  Eventually they ran out of steam.  Can the same thing happen to this Virginia team?  Travel all the way across the country time and time again.  Play through the toughest regional in America.  How long will it last?  Can a team that has never been to a Super win it their first try?  There has to be a reason they were sixth in the ACC, right?

There are many questions about Virginia.  They'll be answered this weekend.