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Rebel Roundup - 6/29/09 or "The 4th Neareth"

Sleep now, sweet prince.

The Holiday of Holidays - Despite witnessing our national soccer team having a rare FIFA victory snatched away from them by the demigod Brazilians and suffering through the news surround the deaths of our most significant cultural icons, this year's 4th is going to be fantastic.  As such, the week of bloggin' could slow down around here.  Honestly though, if you're on the intrawebs in favor of sunshine, grilled meat, fireworks, and some location which has women wearing very little clothing (pool, beach, your imagination, etc) then you're not American enough for the Cup.  USA!  USA!  USA!

Speaking of USA!  USA!  USA! - Drew Pomeranz has already lit a few opposing batters up as a part of his role in Team USA baseball.  Canada, which is exactly what America would be like if we just laid around and let the English pull their bullshit on us without repercussion, was only able to score one run in 4.0 innings against our Rebels' now-ace.  He only allowed four hits and fanned 10.  Take that, Canada.  USA!  USA!  USA!

Hope and Concern, Concern and Hope - Isn't that what the President of the United States ran his campaign on?!?  USA!  USA!  US--  Oh, it wasn't?  Nope, it's actually what Chris Low has been working on over the last week.  He's been featuring each SEC team's reasons for hope and concern on his blog.  Up today: the Weebals.

Season Tickets Sales Doing Well - This is a bit unnerving for me because, as a furtive bloggeur on a fairly highly respected blog network, I was hoping to schmooze my way into the pressbox or something like that this fall.  Unfortunately, when considering the fact that the Ole Miss public relations folks likely don't take too kindly to our rogue brashness, this could prove very difficult.  I'm very glad the football program is making money but why haven't they considerd the bloggeurs?!?!

40-1 Isn't Just the Score from the Last Egg Bowl - Actually, if you thought it was then you have a very short memory and don't really know the rules of football; it is literally impossible to only score one point.  Anyway, lame jokes aside, Phil Steele has placed the Vegas odds at a Rebel BCS title at 40-1.  Other teams in our vicinity include Oregon (40-1), Oklahoma State (50-1), and Georgia Tech (50-1).  Other SEC teams listed include Florida (5-2), Alabama (15-1), LSU (20-1), Georgia (60-1), Tennessee (100-1), South Carolina (200-1), Auburn (200-1), Arkansas (200-1), and Mississippi State (not a damned chance).