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Chancellor Khayat: Speaking Truth to ... Somebody

It's not really speaking truth to power when you are - at least for 7 more days - at the top of the totem pole.  So, when Chancellor Khayat confirmed to Athlon what we've all known for a while, it caused more of stir outside Ole Miss circles than inside:

"David Cutcliffe’s last two years we virtually had no recruiting, no signing of people who could play," Khayat says. "It was pretty natural to go for the person who was viewed as the best recruiter in the country. What we didn’t realize was that Ed was going to have so much difficulty coaching."

I have said it before, and I will say it again - if it is ever topical - David Cutcliffe was let go because his health had, at the time, caused him to slow down.  The congenial relationship between Coach Cutcliffe and Chancellor Khayat shows, I think, that Coach Cutcliffe recognizes this in hindsight and harbors no ill will.  Shrimp'n'Boat, on the other hand, well, I know that I don't care enough even to trade a free bowl of microwaved jambalaya for Ed Orgeron's good will.