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Rebel Roundup - 6/22

Finally a blog that writes about strategy beyond a thrid-grade reading level. I found the Smart Football blog yesterday, and I've been soaking it in ever since. I described it to Ghost as "what Kent Austin's blog would look like." Genius. The bloggeur who writes those posts understands football the way I wish I did. Fantastic work. Last night, I learned about the history of the drag and its incorporation in the "shallow" play. Only 200 posts to go.

WOO PIG SOOIE!$#%(! Arkansas got an SBNation blog! I was hesitant to post this, considering that we may lose some of our contributors people who add to the discussion people who increase our page views. However, ArkansasExpats is a well run blog that has been around for a while. I think they might even have some rational hog fans. Shocking, I know.

More like POWE-ped! Right guys? High five! In the funniest sports-related story of the weekend, Iowa OT Kyle Calloway was given a DUI after an alcohol-induced ride around campus on his moped led to a traffic stop. Calloway admitted to having had seven or eight beers. Didn't he hear an older fraternity brother say that the cops can't do anything if you don't fess up? Not cool, brah. Now campus police around the country will amp up their efforts to bring drunken moped enthusiasts to justice. Jerrell's going to have to watch out for the cops as often as he watches out for banana peels and blinking bombs (when playing on 150cc).

We need one. LSU RB/WR Trindon Holliday won the NCAA 100-meter dash title on Friday with a personal best of 10.00 seconds. Clemson RB C.J. Spiller made the semi-finals before being put out with a 10.48 second time. Neither of those two have had the types of careers many fans of each school had hoped for, but they've got some incredible highlights. I can't imagine what Houston and Kent Austin could do with a scat back with that level of speed.