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Missing Questions from ESPN Poll: Most Amazing Finish

A few days ago we wondered what was the greatest college football game in Mississippi history. Today, we ask a totally different question: what was the most amazing finish to a college football game in Mississippi history.

See how no games could possibly fit in both of those categories?

I say, "jump." You say, "how high?"

First, a disclaimer, like any good Ole Miss fan, I was a little too swerved to actually remember the end of any of these games, but I have been assured that they were fantastic, fantastic finishes.

LSU / Ole Miss (1959) - The mark of a truly amazing end-game moment is when the winning team still plays the clip forty freaking years later. Called the Halloween Run by Tiger fans (and called things I am not willing to write down by Rebels), Billy Cannon's punt return won him the Heisman, ended Rebel hopes for a consensus national championship, and placed the lone blemish on a team that is roundly considered one of the best football teams ever.

Ole Miss / Miss. State (1983) - "The Immaculate Deflection" - I don't know why every awesome football play has to be described with a dainty damn word like "immaculate" - was God's once-in-a-decade exercise of his true love for Ole Miss football. The video evidence below was obviously edited by a State fan.

Ole Miss / Miss. State (1997) - Putting aside the fact that a fight broke out between the teams before the game - an awesome thing for which I totally reprimand the players - this is the game, for our visitors, where Tommy Tuberville put his money where his balls were and escaped with both after Stewart Patridge connected with Corey Peterson on a two-point conversion that sealed a 15-14 win for the Rebels. Talk about getting drankedy-dranked. I'm so drunk right now, I can't even find this video on YouTube.

Trinity / Millsaps (2007) - I mean, just ... just ... how'd they miss so ... many ... tackles? I don't know. But I got chills when the Trinity announcers said, "TOUCHDOWN!"

But when it comes to dranked, the boys can tell you where daddy put on the show:

Ole Miss / Florida (2008) - Because I have not said it in a while, I was there, baby. I skipped the presidential debate, and it was the best decision I ever made. I chomped a little old ladies. I chomped a crying children.

Vote or die.