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Ideal Recruiting Class: 1-5

In the final installment of this long and drawn out series, I will analyze the top five players I'd like to see us sign.

Let me be the first to say that our chances with any of these five are very slim at best. However, we have to sign elite athletes to stay at an elite level. I hadn't even heard Bobby Massie's name at this point last season.

The remainder of the list follows after the jump.


5. Garry Peters - CB - 6'0" 173 lbs. - Conyers, GA

Peters is just the type of corner that Houston Nutt is looking for. His 6'0" height was verified at a rivals event, and we know that Nutt would love to have a few corners taller than my grandmother. Peters has an offer from Ole Miss, and I really hope we can get in on him. Peters will have to transition from quarterback to corner, something I'm generally not a fan of, but his hip swivel and agility make it appear like the transition would be seemless. He has good speed and good football instincts. More than that, he's a cornerback. We have to sign replacements for Marshay Green and Cassisu Vaughn. Peters might be one of those.

4. Lamarcus Joyner - CB - 5'8" 166 lbs. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Lamarcus Joyner might be the other. Joyner is certainly short, but as a cornerback, height isn't as important as the ability to stay with the receiver and position oneself. Joyner has both of those abilities, and it shows in his tape. But more than that, Joyner is incredibly physical, especially for someone who's five feet and eight inches tall. A lot of his tape showcases the devastating hits he lays on halfbacks. I really hope that Coach Vaughn can work some magic with this one.

3. Markeith Ambles - WR - 6'2" 182 lbs. - McDonough, GA

Everyone in the country is after Ambles. It's obvious why. Sure, he ran a 4.6 at a rivals combine. Anquan Boldin (or Anwan Bolden if you're Yancy) ran a 4.71 at the NFL combine. I'm sure the cardinals were sweating that last year in the Super Bowl. Ambles understands what the receiving game is all about. He can position himself well and go get the football. We were in on him early, but, like we have for most recruits, we've fallen by the wayside due to lack of contact. I hope we'll pick it back up and contend for Ambles' signature. We lose a lot at receiver this season.

2. Michael Dyer - HB - 5'9" 201 lbs. - Little Rock, AR

Michael Dyer has been described as the next Darren McFadden. While I absolutely hate comparisons like that, many college coaches appear to agree. Dyer has offers from EVERYONE. He never mentions us, and that puzzles me. I would think that he would have grown up watching Houston Nutt coach the razorbacks. I've heard rumblings that he's higher on us than he lets on. I could understand that, seeing as how everyone in Arkansas is "crazy go nuts." I rarely put much stake into rumors like that though, especially if my sources for the rumors aren't very good... which is the case with this one. A top flight halfback would help us a lot this class. Many of you may question that, but we really only have one proven halfback returning after this season. Past Bolden it's all hype thusfar.

1. Damien Robinson - OT - 6'7" 330 lbs. - Olive Branch, MS

Raise your hand if you think we're signing Damien Robinson. If you have your hand raised, that makes one of us. As much as I want this guy (obviously since I rate him #1 on the list), we have little to no hope. His head coach is running his recruitment, and that coach is a traitor to the university where he played college baseball. This is no rumor. This is fact. Scott Samsel hates Ole Miss. He loves Alabama. Damien Robinson is a phenomenal player with offers from everywhere. He won't end up going to a school that's an hour from his home though. I'm not saying he'll sign with Alabama. Most Samsel coached players don't. However, no Scott Samsel coached player has EVER signed with Ole Miss, and he has had some great ones.

So that's it. Sometime in the near future, I'll post a chart of what the class would look like if we could somehow sign all 25 players. Until then, toodles!