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Gimme a break, I'm new here and having some techno difficulties. Can't get a photo pasted into a comment or a fanshot, so I'm resorting to a fanpost....which requires 75 word minimum. Bill Fremp, surely you weren't doubting my credibility....


I referenced the picture above in my comment to Ivory Tower's post "Missing Questions from ESPN Poll."  Back during the fall of 1984 when I was fresh out of law school, a friend introduced me to Willie Morris, then hanging in Oxford as the writer-in-residence. We saw each other a few times that  football season, and one of the bases we always touched when we were together was the increasingly amazing progress of Alcorn and Valley toward their inevitable showdown in November. We marveled especially at the gaudy stats Totten and Rice were putting up: 666 yards and 64 points per game. We were both in a frenzy of anticipation and excitement by the week before  "The Game" when we met up at The Gin for a couple of beers. We were both Valley enthusiasts, we both had our game tickets, we were ready. Over a cold one, Willie took a black felt-tip pen out of his pocket, unfolded a cocktail napkin and sketched out the diagram of  "our offense" for the coming Saturday.

If memory serves - and no one else can deny it now anyway - the "X" on the left with the dazzling squiggle represented our beloved Jerry Rice, with four other receivers wide right.  With the subsequent advent of the spread offense, the play Willie sketched in late October or early November 1984 has lost its preposterous quality -- but at the time it was preposterous, and that's one of the reasons we both loved what "The Gunslinger"  Archie Cooley was drawing up in Itta Bena.  Got to be the greatest game ever played in Mississippi [which doesn't include the epic 1969 Ole Miss - Alabama game that was played in Birmingham],

Willie's X's and O's aren't for sale at any price....but I also have a first edition of "A Time to Kill," autographed by a certain Virginia baseball enthusiast/saviour, that we can discuss.

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