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Rebel Roundup - 6/15/09

How am I Alive - Over the next two days I'll be detoxing and doing whatever I can to catch up on lost sleep while still managing a 9-hour workday.  Be patient with me.

Our Football > Your Football - Unless you're Florida, of course.  Tomorrow, ESPN's College Football Live -- which has been episodically featuring every American State's contribution to college football -- will focus on The Hospitality State herself.  Follow the linkage for some polls (why the undefeated '62 Rebels are not one of the choices at "Best Team" is beyond me) and get your DVR ready.  It should be very interesting.

Kinda Like "Unicorn vs. Griffin" - Continuing with the Worldwide Leader in Sports, "Mythical Challenges" of "this conference" vs. "that conference" are all the rage over there right now.  The lack of anything eventful to write about has sent their college football coverage into a tailspin of hypotheticals and inconsequentials.  The link will send you to a panel among Ivan Maisel, Chris Low, and Tim Griffin.  Chris Low, per the usual, likes our Rebs.

Space Filler - Houston Nutt won some prize for telling little kids to wear the life jacket.  Yep, I just included that in the Rebel Roundup...  unbelievable.  Honesty, when considering the fact that the next Ole Miss sporting event is a womens soccer matchup against UAB on August 23, we're going to be struggling around here.  Hopefully some players will get tossed in the clinker for gettin' dranked or Andy Kennedy will beat up another cab driver.  We need content, dammit.