Mississippi Best on ESPN

Ok members of Rebel Nation / Red Cuppers, in case you haven't heard:

ESPN is currently running several polls over at it's SportsNation site. Of the many polls that allow you to let your click be heard is a 50 state tour asking you to vote for the "Greatest" of the state of Mississippi. Questions include: "Which team was the best in state history?", "Who was the greatest player in state history", and "Who was the best coach in state history?".

It is this last question that I wish to call to your attention. Currently JACKIE SHERRILL...yes that bull castrating, dirty coaching, ousted leader of the Stark-Vegas faithful...leads in this poll raking in 45% of the vote to Coach Vaught's 37%!

A 75-75-2 record vs 190-61-12.

Rant, Discuss, Cuss, amongst yourselves.

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