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Rebel Roundup - 6/10/09 or "Wow, it's June?"

Fanposts Galore! - This bit of blog is going to feature some of the user content we've gotten over the past few days.  First, The Drake calls out Lindy's, the same publication which claimed Ole Miss to have the worst linebackers in the SEC when Patrick Willis was in Oxford, for their continued poor assessment of our Rebels.  Perhaps his fanpost is fine, but what really serves as icing on that cake is the fact that he somehow forced Gonzohog to end his hibernation period early.  Gonzo, welcome back.

Next is sutpens100's "The View from Section N," a very well written perspective on the emotional rollercoaster that was the Oxford Super Regional.  Sutpens100 gets a Good Rebel Award for his post's supplemental photograph and his enduring Ole Miss fandom.

Third, we have Hunter C looking at the "close loss factor" as purported by the college football guru himself, Phil Steele.  Known as the most accurate assessor of the potential of teams and players, Steele argues that teams with many close losses in one season are very likely to turn those into close wins if certain personnel are retained.  Who exactly fits this mold?  Ole Miss, by damn.

Finally RebelBaseball just throws it all out there with his expectations of the major Rebel sports.  You know what my expectations are, RebelBaseball?  National titles...  in EVERYTHING!  But, seriously, winning records, postseason appearances, and regular ass-beatings of State are fine by me so long as they're consistent.

If you're currently asking yourself what these "fanposts" are, I suggest you look on the right toolbar a little more often.  The best thing about the new Cup is that we are able to give you more of a forum to lengthily blather on about Ole Miss sports with the capability to embed YouTube!  We are all pretty excited that a few of you have taken the opportunity to Fanpost and we hope more of you do the same come football season.

Giggity's Back - Coach Nutt recently returned from his USO-ish trip to visit our servicemen and women in the Middle East. He was accompanied by Mack Brown, Jim Tressell, Tommy Tuberville, Jim Grobe, and maybe some other coach who I'm currently forgetting but too lazy to look up. I wanted to say something funny here, but after watching him describe the sights and sounds of Iraq to the press (Youtubery is below), I'd rather not. From everything I have gathered, Iraq and Afghanistan are hot, dangerous, and miserable patches of geography which just so happened to be filled with people who, for mostly arbitrary reasons, hate every one of us Western Devils. The fact that we have young people who are willing to volunteer to spend time over there weighs pretty heavily on me. I know there are some Cup fans in our armed services and I hope that they got the opportunity for these ball coaches to put their lives at ease, even if only for an hour.

So it sounds like they rode around on humvees in flak jackets, chatted with some soldiers, and coached a little bit of sandlot football.  That's pretty swell, if you ask this blogguer.  David Brandt also talks about it and throws in some 'crootin info as well which you should read here.

Guess Who's Got the Weakest Nonconference Schedule this Fall! - We do.  Duh.  I really do hope people aren't ignoring the fact that four Division 1-A schools (UVA, Indiana, TCU, and Colorado) turned down scheduling offers from us this past Spring.  Oh, they are?  Well, fuck 'em.