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Drew Pomeranz just pitched the greatest game in Ole Miss baseball history

Yeah, I said it, and I ain't takin' it back. Name a better one. That was unbelievable when considering the circumstances.

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For starters, Pomeranz had two days of rest and threw 109 pitches on Friday against Monmouth. Admittedly, Monmouth isn't the greatest college baseball team, but he still toed the rubber for an extended appearance.

Then, three days later, once The Rebels were facing elimination with their backs against the wall with an offense which was giving nothing until late in the game. Pomeranz had to pitch just that well, and he did.

SIXTEEN HOLY BEJEEZUZ SIXTEEN COTTON PICKIN' STRIKEOUTS!!!1!!!!!!!!!!11!1 It's a school record, look it up. Pom gave up two hits all night, and the defensive errors really led to the only run scored. It was very nearly a no-hitter.

Bianco kept going to the ace like Les Miles going for it on fourth down. Crazy Cajun son of a bitch. I take it all back. I love you and your stocky waddle.

I do have to give it to WKU though. They really hung in there and tried their damnedest to eliminate Ole Miss. They had a couple breaks go their way, but it just wasn't to be this year. We had a Greek god pitching; Zeus himself could not have pitched finer baseball.

Next up, we've got the Virginia Cavaliers coming into town for super regionals. What will Drew do next? WWDDN? 

Matt Smith came up big with a two RBI triple to really open up the scoring, but the gapper by David Phillips was equally important. Phillips had probably been cussed by every man in that stadium up to that point by grounding into a double play and striking out twice in his previous AB's. 

Jordan Henry made the dramatic final out capping off a really subpar night for him. Pretty sure he went 0-5 with just no good AB's. 

I criticize because I care. Rebelnation will now have to keep their collective fingers crossed with a very tough UVA team coming into town. Attendance records are in serious jeopardy.