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In Bittler's absence, "The Choker" threatens to invade

Last night, Mike Bianco's boys choked in a fashion not seen before in Oxford. Across the country in California, Virginia Cavaliers took care of business by winning the Irvine Regional. Tonight, the Rebels could win and earn the right to host a Super Regional. Can they do it?

Drew Pomeranz will take the mound after working eight innings and throwing 109 pitches on Friday. I can only imagine him throwing three innings or so. What will we do after that?

My guess is Nathan Baker will fill in for three innings or so, and then "Johnny Wholestaff" will make an appearance.

Bianco said that the entire pitching staff would be available tonight, so I guess the remaining pitchers could pitch an inning a piece: Irwin, McKean, Goforth, and Morgan.

Also, Barrett, Park and Broyles have not seen action, so they will be ready to go.

I still have confidence in Morgan. About a year ago, I had a 30 minute conversation with him about his role in the team (remember, he was only a middle reliever at this point). He told me he never wanted to start and that he does his best under pressure. One of you readers touched on this in the comments section of the previous article, and your analysis was right.

As all of you know, I would love to second, third, and fourth guess Bianco all day. However, a win today would silence the critics for at least 4 days. We will host a super in Oxford with a win.

If we lose, the "Choker" will take over Oxford for the summer. The "Choker" is the name I will now use for Bianco as I am tired of choking in the post season time and time again. NO, not the Joker. The Choker.

Hotty Toddy!