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Rebs Down Alcorn State 4-0; Women Advance Past Denver

Men's Tennis took down Alcorn State today in the first round of the NCAA Tournament in Baton Rouge today.  The win was not as dominating as it could have been - we almost dropped a set.  This was an expected win, and I will unlikely be able to leave any notice regarding the LSU/Rice game.  Yours truly is scouting around for some girl nicknamed "Seven-Ten Split" at the NASCAR race in Darlington.  I hereby commission 25 Days to give you more information via fanpost.  If that doesn't happen, blame him.

Also, the women routed Denver 4-1 in a match-up that was only a little more respectable than the embarrassement endured by Alcorn.

The girls take on Georgia Tech tomorrow at 1:00 Eastern Time.  The men will face the winner of LSU and Rice at 1:00 Central time.  Anyone that happens to be in Darlington, South Carolina, look for me tomorrow night coming out of turn two being suffocated by a mountain girl with "D-A-L-E" shaved into the back of her head.