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Egg Bowl baseball weekend

State is the shame of SEC baseball this season.  Sweeping them this weekend only perpetuates our beliefs of superiority and elitism against this land grant institution.

The 8-1 win over the BUllFRauDs in Jacktown was evident of our ability to dominate this team without our best pitching. This should be a trend that continues through the weekend.

Drew Pomeranz and Brett Bukvich are slated to start on Friday and Saturday respectively. Bukvich is having a Craig Rodriguez like senior season climbing from depths of fan uncertainty to a viable option against teams that aren't very spectacular.

The Rebels not only SHOULD sweep the series, they NEED to sweep the series.

A sweep keeps Ole Miss in the hunt for an overall SEC title and places less emphasis and pressure on the trip to the town that God accidentally created(Fayetteville) next weekend. Is that blasphemy? No, I talked it over with Him, and He apologized.

A series like this gives the Rebels a chance to show their poise and knock out a few wins on the way to securing a regional hosting site. It'll pretty much be a foregone conclusion if we wrap up three games this weekend, in my opinion.


Drew Pomeranz strikes out one State batter for every beer he drank last night...bout 13? 14?

Brett Bukvich throws six solid innings and upon walking off the mound, he grows a Mark Twain-like mustache within seconds and begins telling stories of times long ago in a deep brogue

Scott Bittle arrives on Sunday in a helicopter ala Richard Pryor in Brewster's Millions. He strikes out the side in the first then demands to be the head coach for the rest of the game. Mike Bianco is later seen gorging himself on rocky road ice cream in the locker room and crying, remembering the sweeter days of the affable Lance Lynn.

Jordan Henry hits an inside the park home run on a bunt down the first base side.

A fat State fan attempts to feel superior by telling Ole Miss fans about their long-time winning tradition in baseball. UM fans point to the scoreboard, which has consequently exploded.

Ghost of Jay Cutler sends 1,200 text messages to myself and Brian Walker's Elbow asking for scores in a drunken stupor.

Seriously though, we take the series 8-3, 9-2, 5-0. Hell yeah, I predicted the third game shutout without knowing the pitcher.