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Sam Keller: Ruining the Game I Love

Sam Keller (American Badass)
Sam Keller (American Badass)

Former Nebraska QB Sam Keller, you aren't just bad at football.

You are now bad at being a reasonable person.

First of all, it's not all that important to me whether the NCAA allows the name or likeness of a player to be used for commercial purposes, but it CERTAINLY isn't important to me that the NCAA stops EA Sports from creating players who mirror current players but don't have their names.

You say you're not seeking compensation. Sure. I guess that after being cut by the Los Angeles Avengers of the AFL having never attempted a pass, you're raking in the dough. You filed the lawsuit just because you wanted to help people for the common good. I assume you won't accept any of the money if, for some odd reason, you win your case.

But more than that, fie on you Sam Keller. I enjoy being able to play NCAA with Jevan Snead as my quarterback. If you've done something to screw that up, I will come to your next speaking engagement and not applaud. No sir. I will sit on my hands.

That type of harsh punishment is what you deserve.