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Tuesday Question

With law exams over and summer jobbing only in its most infant stages, it seems appropriate to bring back most most regular of RCR features - The Tuesday Question.  It is Tuesday, right?  I only know that it's Drinko de Mayo!!1

In honor of this venerated holiday, which celebrates, I think, Mexican independence from Venezuela after the Spanish-American War, I have two dos questions.  First, when is David Brandt going to come down from his high horse and link up the Cup?  And, second, what's your deal, David Brandt?  More whining after the jump.

While RCR is no Clarion-Ledger, we are avid Ole Miss fans and graduates of the university, so, potentially, like Mr. Brandt in one of those ways.  While we cannot all be fancy "journalists," or whatever, I think the Ole Miss beat reporter's greatest notoraeity comes from his participation in the cyber-proletariat - the blogosphere.

And he has buddies that he has linked up.  The king of the college football worldSome lesser beingsAnd even one closet Ole Miss fan.

And we have friends, as well.  The very same king of the college football world, previously cited.  Good Ole homersAnd the god of college football analysis

Why won't you be my friend, David?  Is it the evil Gannett corporation?  Is it because I scooped you that one time?  Because if it's that, while totally true, I was just trying to be funny.  Is it Rick Cleveland?  I bet it's Rick Cleveland.  Everybody knows he hates Ole Miss.