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Rebel Roundup: Halfway Point

Halfway There, We can Make it - Holy Hell is the college football offseason agonizing.  According to Dr. Saturday, we're halfway home though and sit a mere four months away from remembering why we Rebels get up in the mornings.

LEMMESEEDASKRIPIWANNAIMPROV - Year 2 via Team Speed Kills has taken the "Ed Orgeron to play himself in a movie" gimmick and run with it , proposing future film ideas to bolster Ed's Hollywood resume.  To Year 2's list I would like to add the following: any comic book movie, the 2nd remake of King Kong, and porn.

Rebels #7 per Baseball America - Check it right here.  If things fall our way over the next few weekdends, we could take the conference title and really piss off LSU.  This weekend, we will be facing the arch-rival sweeping the shit out of the fantastically terrible Mississippi State Bulldogs in Oxford.

Slow, Like Your Mom - Yeah, I said it.  I know I can't bullshit any of y'all and say it hasn't been slow around here as of late.  With nearly zero football or basketball related news and flaky (*cough cough*) baseball coverage we're a bit low on stuff to blather about.  With the baseball postseason rapidly approaching and the steady buildup to the kickoff against Memphis, we'll be back in our regular form in no time.

Oh, and I got a new job which keeps me very, very busy.  Sorry I can't entertain all of you at once.