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Rebs snatch defeat from jaws of victory

There's not much to say after a game like that in my opinion.

The Rebels had a 9-3 lead and the bullpen couldn't hold on to the win. Bianco made some very questionable decisions without a doubt.

We'll tell you the starting pitcher for tomorrow and more information after the jump.

Drew Pomeranz will start tomorrow against WKU and give the Rebels as many innings as possible. We'll still have a bullpen by committee most likely, because I can't see Pom going more than five innings. Maybe he's got more in the tank than that, but five strong innings doesn't solidify a win after the way WKU rallied today.

I hate to say it, but it feels like WKU has all of the momentum for this series. The Rebels need to do exactly what they did today early on. Tack on some early runs and hold on like hell for the second half of the game.

There's still the possibility of Aaron Barrett coming in and stringing together some outs. Jake Morgan can't possibly go again tomorrow. Nathan Baker might have an inning in there somewhere. 

Mike Bianco might have to coach his way to a victory tomorrow, because the players for both teams are fatigued after a 60+ game season. They're looking to their head coach for answers when they are winning or losing. Bianco needs to come through tomorrow or it might be time for our players to look for someone else at his position.