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Rebels, Cavaliers step into Regional Finals

The Rebels held on to a large lead against Western Kentucky Saturday to advance to the championship round of the Oxford Regional.

A couple time zones away, Virginia was showing why they were the ACC champs by knocking off UC-Irvine, 5-0.

With the Oxford and Irvine regionals paired for the next step towards Omaha, the Rebels could be hosting super regionals with another victory from Virginia.

At this point, Ole Miss and Virginia need only one win to close out a bid to super regionals. UC-Irvine would need to beat San Diego State and then defeat Virginia twice to capture a super regional host as the #6 national seed.

Ole Miss could be facing Mizzou or Western Kentucky today depending on the outcome of their game this afternoon.

Mizzou and Western Kentucky's pitching staffs are going to be pushed to the limit today. Fatigue is a factor, but I don't think it's as big as some believe. These guys are playing for their entire season. If you lose, you go home and that is a big motivator as well.

The Ole Miss bullpen has been largely unused in the first two games of the regional, so if Bukvich struggles early today, Nathan Baker will most likely be brought in to salvage the game. I really think Bianco will pull out every arm available to win this game. 

If Ole Miss plays on Monday, I have no idea who they would start. Aaron Barrett? Kyle Barbeck? Could Drew Pomeranz give a couple innings? It would be tough.

Saturday's win was imperative for the Rebels to get the best possible scenario to advance. Now, they need the victory today to take a step closer to a super regional and to Omaha