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Western Kentucky Hilltopper Preview

(The following preview was submitted to us by Kige Ramsey)

Hello RCR Viewersh.

Today's episode is called, How to Beat the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. (pause) (pause) (pause again)

It's tough. 14 of their 19 batters are batting over .300. Their best pitcher sports a 3.92 ERA. (pause) They're a really good baseball team, but play well, and you can beat them.

See, you're going to have to stop them from getting hits. Also, you need to get hits off of them. If you can do both of those things, you can beat them.

This is Kige Ramsey, signing off from RCR Sports.


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 Western Kentucky limps into the postseason having lost six of its last eight. Sure, they made the Sun Belt Conference Finals, but they were beaten twice there by the University of Louisiana-Monroe. If you were wondering, yes, that's the same ULM that gave a scholarship to a defensive back whose ankle was broken on a Billy Tapp head fake. 

WKU has only played one ranked team all season, losing 10-2 to the Dan McDonnell coached Louisville Tigers.

Still, even though all appears in our favor, I'm worried. I'm worried about those batting averages. The last thing we need is for opposing bats to come alive against Buk, Irwin or Baker, depending upon who's pitching then.

Like many of you, I have terrible memories of the last time WKU came into an Oxford regional. It wasn't pretty. Might I remind you that team had Seth Smith, Stephen Head and Brian Pettway on it. Two hits. Two.

But I've decided to stop fretting. This year's game won't be the same. No one is stopping us from getting hits. Sure, we're not getting them at the right times, but I think that's more of a luck-based issue than anything else. We're going to come around and start getting the hits when they count. When it comes down to it, we win our regional. Sure, we didn't do it in the 2003-2004 season, but we haven't lost a regional we've hosted since then. We're not going to start losing regionals now.