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Better know serious things about a regional opponent: Monmouth


May 23, 2009- NEC CHAMPS!!!!!!

All you need to know about Mommouth's amazing season is after the jump...

The vitals:

32-23 overall, 15-11 conference

12-11 at home, 15-12 away

RPI: 181, 0-4 against RPI top 100

Offense averages 8.1 runs a game

Defense allows 5.9 runs a game

3-0 in the postseason as they swept their conference tourney

Monmouth began their season 1-6 as they stumbled out of the gates; however, things picked up as they swept Navy's Round Robin Tourney by beating Navy and Massachusetts two times each.  They never really had a "hot" moment during the season as their longest winning streak was 5 in a row.  As of now, they are on a three game winning streak, and they look to make it four against the Rebels.  They've won 7 out of their last 10.

On offense, Senior Infielder Chris Collazo leads the way with a .385 average.  Sophomore Outfielder Nick Pulsonetti isn't far behind with a .358 average, 11 HRS, and 53 RBIS.  As a club, they are hitting .323.  Not too shabby.

On defense, Junior Righty Ryan Buch is their best arm with a 4.11 ERA and a 7-4 record.  He's struck out 87 on the year in 72 innings pitched.  Another quality arm is Brett Brach, a junior righty that has a 4.61 ERA and is 7-2 on the year.  He's struck out 69 in 68.1 innings pitched.  Out of the pen, they have Sophomore Southpaw Nick McNamara who has compiled an ERA of 2.31 in 39 IP.  He's 3-3 on the year and has struck out 24.

Really, this team has been annihilated by any quality team they have faced.  The Rebels' only fear should be that they are a good hitting club that could somehow shell Pomeranz.  I'll save my prediction for later in the week....