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Regional preview: Missouri

The Oxford Regional begins Friday with the Rebels facing Monmouth. We're going to take a look at the other two teams first, then hit up the Monarchs later on. I guess they're the Monarchs...who cares.

Mike Bianco said during his most recent press conference that Missouri finished the season "very strong."

Check the jump to see why his analysis is spot on.

Missouri started the season 2-7 against the likes of Nevada, Gonzaga, Arizona State, Oregon State and Northern Illinois. A start like that would've had message board idiots foaming at the mouths for a change. 

The Tigers went 10-2 in their last four weekend series in the BIg 12(but really it's 10, b/c Iowa State and Colorado aren't American enough to have a damn college baseball team).

Mizzou finished the season 34-25 meaning that the team went 32-18 after their horrendous start. 

Kyle Gibson is a beast on the mound(10-3, 3.47 ERA). I've heard reports from team managers in Columbia that Gibson struck out Mizzou alum Ian Kinsler during a simulated game.  Kinsler was swinging with a wiffle ball bat and was drunk. And yes, Gibson was throwing coffee can lids, but still wow, what an arm. 

There's only two players with batting averages over .300 with Greg Folgia leading the team in nearly every offensive category. Folgia is majoring in General Studies, which is by far the most popular choice for the learning disabled but physically gifted.

Mizzou gave the Rebels trouble last season in the Coral Gables Regional. After shutting out Ole Miss 7-0, the Rebels eliminated the Tigers with a 9-6 victory. Shortly afterwards, Miami was dancing around our torn out hearts after ending our season.

The Big 12(but really it's only 10, because Iowa State and Colorado hate money) is top heavy this season. Oklahoma is a national seed, but they don't seem to have had a better season than Ole Miss. Texas is loaded, but what else is new? 

The Tigers are going to the postseason for the seventh straight year, but I can't see Mizzou bringing a ton of fans to Oxford. They didn't for football and the memories of their 1954 National Championship in baseball probably won't bring them out of the woodwork either.