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Rebel Roundup - 5/26

Devon Britton Wins National Title - Suck it, everybody else.  Ole Miss freshman Devon Britton won the NCAA mens tennis singles national championship this past weekend, defeating some Ohio State Buckeye for the win.  Juco or one of the FotC's will likely have more on this.

Houston Nutt is Still Crazy - The Sporting News conducted a fun little interview with our Rebel head football coach.  In it, he admits that his worst habit is biting his nails, that he would love to be a talented singer, and his desire to trade places with Moses for a day among many, many other things.  Do it for a good giggle or collapse into a painful, agonising fit of vomiting, depending on which side of the Mississippi you watch your football on.

Chris Low does some Springtime Analysis - This is a two-parter.  Part one: Which SEC teams found relief this spring.  Part two: Where the SEC teams still need help.  For we Rebels, our respective answers were at halfback with the emergence of Brandon Bolden and at left tackle with our lack of depth.

Regional Analysis Coming Soon - I swear, somebody is working on it.  It'll be up soon.  Until then, entertain yourselves.