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Rebel Roundup - Memorial Day

Lazy Bloggeurs - Actually, no, we're not lazy; we're just enjoying our long weekend.  We hope you all are as well.  We also hope you're taking a little bit of time out of your day to think about the significance of the holiday.  For us to live in a nation whose volunteer military has the ability to protect over 300 million people is pretty incredible.  If you're a member of our military, thank you.  We civilians owe you one.

Ivan Maisel Has Obviously Never Visited Veterans Memorial - ESPN's Ivan Maisel lists Ole Miss vs. LSU in Jackson as a part of his article on "old rivals in old venues."  Honestly, if there were more to do within walking distance of that scrapheap of a stadium it'd be a grand idea.  Unfortunately, there are things like gigantic parking lots, hills, pothole-laden streets, and stray bullets separating that part of town from from Hal and Mal's, Fenian's, or any other of the (very) few worthwhile Jackson imbiberies.  Also, we Rebels literally have no fucking clue how to tailgate in a parking lot.

Uh Oh (Not Really) - Do you remember this Rivals article on Rebel recruiting?  Well our football lawyas thought it problematic enough to garner us a possible minor recruiting violation so they self-reported the "mistake."  The NCAA has said we're now "possibly" in trouble.  What exatly did we do wrong?  Well, per NCAA rules, you're not allowed to discuss individual recruits with the media until they've signed a LOI.  While the article mentions no recruit by name, it gives enough information for folks (with a prior knowledge of Ole Miss recruiting) to reasonably infer who the coaches were speaking about in that piece.  For example, they keep talking about a quarterback who played football in Maryland and lives on an Army base.  Anyone who follows Rebel football would easily deduce that they were speaking about QB Raymond Cotton from Ft. Meade, MD.   The fun part about this hoopla is this:

Nutt said he didn't know who turned Ole Miss into the NCAA. Mike Horn, a member of the NCAA enforcement staff who sent the letter to Ole Miss, would not comment.

Houston, why such tact?  You know exactly which obsessive, contemptuous, batshit-crazy morons turned you in.  Anyway, what does all of this "level II violation" talk really mean?  Honestly, the NCAA is going to shake their finger at us and say "naughty naughty!"  This isn't a big deal.

Three Quick Things of your Concern - Devon Britton, the Rebel men's tennis freshman phenom, has worked his way deep into the NCAA individuals bracket.  Hit up to check it out...  ESPN will be announcing the seedings of the NCAA Baseball tourney a bit after noon today... Red Cup Rebellion is now on Facebook!  I'm not exactly sure why, but we've got a page up so if you'd like to "become a fan," please do.