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Where the love at? (And random SEC basketball note)

I figured I needed to come out of retirement to show Devin Britton some love.  The freshman phenom just became the first Rebel to reach the finals of the NCAA singles tournament.  

Britton defeated Blake Strode (Arkansas) in straight sets today in straight sets after an impressive come from behind victory in the first set.  Down 5-3, Britton rallied to win the set 7-6(9) and then finished off Strode 6-4 to clinch his spot in the finals.

Britton is going to face tOSU's Steven Moneke in the championship match, which is set for 11:00 a.m. and can be watched via some link on  

The last time the Rebels faced a furreign sounding tOSUer it didn't end too well.  It still bothers me that he was selected 23rd overall in the draft, just like it bothers me that Chase Budinger may be a lottery selection.

And on an unrelated note, Nick Calathes decided to leave Florida and signed a contract with Panthawhateverkos.  Not that it really matters. Any (totally unreasonable) SEC Championship hopes we had were ruined when Kentucky signed Calipari.