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SEC Tourney - Round Two

Before we get to the liveblog, let's take a moment to reflect upon the starting pitcher for the Gators:  Plucked from obscurity as a non-reoccuring character on The Sopranos, Anthony DeSclafani, a freshman from ... well, I'll give you three guesses where he's from and if you need more than one you need to brush up on your regional stereotypes.  We last saw DeSclafani surrendering six runs in 2.2 innings to the Kentucky Wildcats.  This will be the young man's tenth start of the season, and he sports a 5-3 record with a five point something something ERA (You want specifics? Go to an engineer).

Besides his funny name, his potential mob ties, and his ancestral home, the best about which one can say is that it is close to, but not, Newark, my analysis is that, on the one hand, we are pitching Brett Bukvich against a more regular weekend starter.  Brett, senior status and dominating performance against State in the Governor's Cup aside, is, let us not kid ourselves, in this lineup because Scott bittled his shoulder.  On the other hand, Florida is pitching a freshman against Brett Bukvich, the veteran pitcher, both in terms of years and innings pitched in Hoover.  Brett started against Vanderbilt last year in the semis and, you may remember, pitched a complete game against LSU in 2006.  If there is a hurler out in Alabama who ain't feeling no pressure, it's likely Brett Bukvich.

So, there you go; discuss.