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Rebel Roundup - What Happened in Hoover and FOOTBALL TALK!

Coffee - I need it now.  Who has some?  Seriously, anybody?  BLOGGEUR TIRED!

Dastardly Plans to Sneak through Losers Bracket Foiled - LSU, Florida, Ole Miss, and Alabama all lost yesterday in the opening day of the SEC Baseball Tournament.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The #1 seed lost to the #8 seed, the #2 to the #7, the #3 to the #6, and the #4 to the #5.  As a result, the Rebels play the Florida Gators today at 10AM which really is an intriguing matchup.  Many pundits have the Rebels and Gators vying for that coveted 8th national seed.  This matchup will allow for that battle actually play out on the field of play.  Both teams will either fight for this like their lives depend on it or limp-dick their ways to a forgettable tournament matchup.  Should be fun and, if you're lucky, Juco will liveblog it.

CFN Previews the Rebels - It's not very well written and is armed to the teeth with contradictions but, if you'd like, College Football News' preview of the 2009-10 edition of Rebel football is here.

Beano Cook NOW Realizes we aren't Playing Florida this Fall - Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook's ESPNU College Football podcast featured our Rebels this week.  The possibilities of winning the West and hitting up a BCS bowl were dicusses, among other things.  Check it.

Go Rebels, beat Florida!