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You know what? I might have to do an "about-face" sometime soon

After an amazing comeback in the Saturday game against Georgia, I didn't know if our team was legit.  Could it be so?  Then, the Bittler dominated on Sunday.  I still was confused.  Could Bianco's Boys go on a run?  We've dominated on the Plains and, well, make it four straight SEC contests for the Rebels... The rest is after the jump...

After the series loss to South Carolina, I outlined a plan for hosting a regional.   It included going 4-1 in the remaining non-conference games (which we have done exactly).  However out of the five remaining SEC series, I said we needed to go 9-6.  Well eight SEC games have passed and we have already won six.  We are well ahead of pace, and we could realistically reach the 20 win mark in SEC play.  I'm overly impressed.

The reason I said I might have to do an about face is that Mike Bianco might prove me wrong.  I never thought that he could win a huge series win and go on the road and sweep a lesser team.  Well, we've won 9-2 and 8-2 on Friday and Saturday. Right now, this looks like one of the most unique Bianco teams I have seen.  They don't choke.  They fight back.  They put the big inning together.  Wow, Mike.  

The SEC picture is getting interesting.  On one of the "big" college baseball news sources, they said we should root for Florida.  Well, I'm not sure that's the case.  They have taken two from Georgia in Athens, and they are almost as hot as we are.  Now, Florida and Ole Miss both are 15-8 in the SEC with us holding the tie-breaker.  Georgia is 14-9.  Arkansas and LSU are in the process of playing a double-header with Arkansas winning the first one 11-4.  As of now, LSU is ahead 5-0 in the sixth.  If LSU wins, they'll be 15-8 in SEC and Arky will be 14-8. 

What does it all mean?  Well, let's go with this optimistic scenario.  On Sunday, we need Ole Miss, Arky and Georgia to win.  If this happens, we'll be riding high in first place in the SEC!

On Sunday at 1 p.m., Fr. RHP Dexter Price (3-1, 5.40 ERA) will face off against Sr. RHP Scott Bittle (5-2, 2.17 ERA).  Let's keep the bats going!