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We Have Failed as Bloggeurs


via Married to the Sea

Yes, while we are notorious for being haughty jackasses at times because, of all things, we run an Ole Miss-centric sports site which uses words like "fuck" and "damn," we are nowhere close to perfect or even deserving of our airs.  There are moments where we, as bloggeurs, fail to deliver what you, our readeurs, should expect.  Right now is one of those moments.

You ready for this?  Not a single Cupper will be at Hoover until Saturday, if at all.

Among my Virginia residence, Ivory's obligations as a best man (bAcHeLoR pArTaY), BWE's need to be with his Yankee fiancee, Juco's job, One Man's "job," and Whiskey Wednesday's dependence on various pills taken with alcohol, we were completely unable to scrape together someone with half the gumption to get their asses to the Hoover Metropolitan to watch the 2nd greatest series of events in NCAA baseball.

It's pathetic, really. 

Last year I can remember staying in one of Birmingham's seediest motels, splitting a couple of pints of bourbon with Ivory Tower while sitting in the Hoover Met parking lot, heckling LSU fans, and being commanded to remove ourselves from the top of the Rebel dugout upon Michael Gurrero's walk-off homerun agaisnt Kentucky.  Those were great times and it's a damned shame that I will not have the opportunity to live them once again come tomorrow and the following days.

But, worry I do not, loyal Cup fan.  Nay, for I plan to live vicariously through somebody's, anybody's fanposts and fanshots.  Yes, this is a call to you, the members of the Rebellion.  If you're in Hoover over the next few days and have some sort of reliable internet access--either in the stadium, at your hotel, or wherever--fill us all in.  Take photographs of tank-topped Bama fans (I guarantee they're not difficult to locate) or that obnoxious "Goooooooooooo Taaaaaaahhhhhhguuuuurrrrrs" guy and upload them as fanshots.  Deliver your opinions of our team's performance against their SEC foes via lenghthy, formal prose in a fanpost.  Wildly rave about the sites and sounds of the SEC Baseball Tournament in comment threads.  Just, please, do what it takes to keep us all filled in. 

One of the greatest perks about SB Nation fan communities is that they truly do give anyone with an account the ability to contribute to their favorite sites.  Please take advantage of that over the next few days.  We'd greatly appreciate it, bloggeurs and readeurs alike.


IMPORTANT: Juco-All American and I will be doing our best to liveblog the Rebels' opening matchup against the Georgia Bulldogs tomorrow at 1:30PM.  Be here.