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Rebel Roundup - 5/19

Where in the Hell is Everyone? - Hey, Brian Walker's Elbow, you wanna write something about baseball for us?  25 Days a Week, are you still distraught due to the Rebel tennis team losing to UCLA in the NCAA playoffs?  Ivory Tower, are you still stuck on your hick-ass family's tree farm?  The One That Got Away, well, you've kinda always been a bum.  Seriously, losers, there's shit to talk about.

Diamond Rebels up to #7 - Baseball America likes our Rebels chances to earn a national seed.  Our task: out-perform Florida in the SEC Baseball tournament.

Bittle's me this, Bittle me that -  "What's small and invisible to the naked eye, but has the ability to slow down a giant?"  "A fucked up shoulder-thingy."  That may be the least funny riddle ever.

All SEC-Teams Released - You know, for having the most wins in the conference, we sure are under-represented in the conference's selections for the best players and coaches.  Jordan Henry is a first teamer, Bittle and Pom are 2nd teamers, and that's it.  Aside from elaborate conspiracy theories, why do any of you think this is?

A Hoosier becomes a Rebel - Could someone who knows more about this guy/basketball in general write something on Nick Williams, the Indiana guard who recently transfered to Kennedy's Rebel squad?  Thanks.  Our basketball guys are bums (see above).

Chris Low releases "Five Early Questions" - Chris Low examines some of the question marks for the upcoming football season.  One of which is Ole Miss centric.  Perhaps you'd like to see it?  Fine then, here

<Serious> - I am certain many of you by now have heard the stunningly tragic news surrounding Boston College all-American linebacker Mark Hertzlich's cancer diagnosis.  One doesn't need ot be a BC fan or even know who Hertzlich is to be affected by these events.  While I cannot quite articulate all of the thoughts that enter my mind upon reading about this young man and his upcoming battle, Dave of Maize 'n' Brew does an excellent job of putting all of this to words.  Godspeed, Mark.  I'm certain you've never deserved or wanted to be placed on such a pedestal in such a public fashion, but if it makes any difference in the world, just know that we're all pulling for you and we hope you can serve as an inspiration for the millions of people diagnosed with cancer every year.</serious>  Ok, now back to poop jokes and curse words.