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Pomeranz holds keys to victory

Drew, at the Cup, we greatly exaggerate your affinity for boozing it up and slaying strumpets on weekends when your performance on the diamond doesn't meet up to our ridiculously high standards.

You, sir, are the one that can set the tone for the entire weekend with a win today.

The reasons for dominating Arkansas are as vast and numerous as the fish in the seas. To quote Leviticus 11:7, "The pig has evenly split hooves but does not chew the cud, so it is unclean."

For more Biblical proof and tales of Brian Walker, JuMp oN iT!!!1!!!

Jesus cast out demons into pigs/hogs/razorbacks, depending on the translation, Drew. It is your God-given gift to have a lightning bolt for an arm to strike down these evil-doers in Fayetteville.

Baum Stadium is a massive reconstruction of Sodom-like proportions. It is where the vagrants of the mid-South come to roost.

Without a doubt, their pitching has been mighty at times, their hitting: timely. Their victories rely on deception like that of the nefarious Brian Walker. His unbruised elbow hangs over the program like a noxious cloud waiting to choke the goodness out of Rebel squads brave enough to enter the field of battle.

Now let's be real, Drew. Bukvich isn't going to set the world on fire Saturday. Scott Bittle continues to play out the greatest mystery of all time back in Oxford(Riddle me this, Scott, what has a cannon but only fires when it feels inclined?). Philip Irwin blew away Mississippi State last week, but he can't do it all by himself. Lord knows we can't ask Bukvich to win a game, although ironically, he leads the team in wins(seriously, WTF).

The Rebels are behind you, Pom. Thursday's game will decide if the series goes in favor of the Rebels or not. A sweep is out of the question unless Arkansas really wants to be the 8 seed at the SEC tourney. UNDERHOGS ALL THE WAY WOOOOOO PIG SOUEIEIE!!!!!!1!!!11!!

Ole Miss still has a shot at winning the SEC overall title with some help from LSU and 'Bama choking in their final weekends with MSU and Auburn, respectively. We're not holding our collective breath by any means, but the scoreboard watching will be in effect for this website.

Inside the numbers:

Ole Miss ranks 2nd in batting average and 1st in ERA in SEC play. Arkansas ranks dead last in batting average and 4th in ERA.

Ole Miss ranks 4th in fielding percentage with Arkansas at 7th. Ole Miss has the least number of balks and hit batsmen in the SEC.

Arkansas packed in over 11,000 for their series finale against #1 Arizona State. Ole Miss' highest attendance in 2009 was against #1 Georgia at just over 9,400