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5 Things We Wish The Rebs Would Do

In an effort to fill the mental and emotional void that is the football off-season, Ghost, Whiskey Wednesday, and I chatted yesterday about things that we wish the Ole Miss football team would do. We came up with what we feel to be a great list of things that, while awesome, probably won't be implemented.  It is to be noted that most of this is not us thinking we know more about football than our coaches, because we don't (yes u DO u have HoOtEnn NUTT!), but rather just a few things we think would be fun to see as a Rebel fan.

5. Run a 3-4 every now and then.
We have the personnel necessary for it. Ghost and I actually talked about this before the season even began. WIth Tillman and Laurent at end, we could put Jerrell at the nose. That would allow us to put in Kentrell or Greg with their hands up. I can't imagine the damage Kentrell Lockett would do as an OLB in the 3-4. The formation also just allows for so many different looks from Tyrone Nix. As much as we disguised blitzes towards the end of the season last year, our defense would flourish with the occasional 3-4 look. While this would stop Jerrell from getting his just desserts (MARSHMALLOWZ!), it would help xxgr3gxx release some of his suburban anguish on opposing running backs.

4. Teach a backup quarterback to rugby punt
Again, this is not something I would want to use all that often, but it can be successful. As much as I hate Memphis, they put my heart in turmoil when they would line up in the shotgun on every fourth and short only to punt it past our unsuspecting defense. This could be very useful to our team in forcing defenses to either put a return specialist in (freeing up a receiver) or cover all the receivers and allow huge punts. Plus, rugby players score chicks.

3. Run a 4-wide screen with Marshay and Dex in the slots
Imagine the possibilities of this formation. I know Marshay is a corner now, but he is electric with the ball in his hands in space. With Dex opposite Marshay, it's a pick your poison situation based on what the defense is showing. I don't want to do this often, but three or four times next year, we could pull this out and really mess with defensive coordinators. "Wait, who do I line up against? I'm a linebacker! Oh wow. He already caught the ball.  Aaaaaaand that's another first down."

2. Line Brandon Bolden up in the slot
This is one that I'm most excited about. When Brandon Bolden is in space with a corner to beat, that corner is in for a hurting.  Honestly, find for us a corner who can consistently take Brandon Bolden down in a one-on-one situation and I'll trade you the Holy Grail for him.  We could have Bolden line up in the slot and immediately take a step back to a waiting Snead pass. Then it's him versus a 180 pound corner or an out of position OLB. I don't think we threw the ball to Bolden enough last year, but we're likely to see that change with him having been named the feature back.

1. Run more dual halfback sets
Seriously, we're at least four deep at the position. Get more than one on the field at a time sometimes. Lining Brandon Bolden up at fullback with Dex behind him just has so many opportunities. Or imagine this. Cordera and Brandon in a triple option with Jevan. The possiblities are endless. Make it happen Kent.


While that is our top-five, we tossed around plenty of other ideas such as using Greg Hardy as a red-zone receiver again, letting Jevan catch a few more passes out of the Wild Rebel, and encouraging our players to engage in raucous endzone celebrations just to piss of the NCAA.  If you've got any ideas, please share them.