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Rebel Roundup - Nerdy Stuff and Bloggeur Complaints

Somewhere, an Alabama fan is very, very pissed - Team Speed Kills, SBNation's community which explores the SEC en masse, has named our Ole Miss Rebels as the team of the 2008-09 season.  Cocknfire of both the aforementioned site and Garnet and Black Attack fanshot it on the right hand side or, if you want the effort spared, you can just click here.

Why haven't I seen this movie yet? - The new Star Trek film recently came to whatever theater is near you and either dazzled your puny brain or angered your die-hard Trekkie soul.  Regardless of your feelings about the film, however, it is important for us to give our props to Dr. Leonard McCoy, University of Mississippi B.S. 2249, M.D. 2253, for his dedication to the mission to the USS Enterprise as the ship's surgeon and chief medical officer.  No, this isn't a joke.  We've got damned future alumni in outer space shootin' photon torpedos at the motherfuckin' Borg.  Be jealous, SEC. 

Chris, I thought you loved us? - Chris Low has begun his rankings of the 30 best players in America our conference (fine, fine, we'll play your way, Ohio State) and, while he has only released numbers 30-26, he has made some interesting decisions thus far.  Namely, this:

No. 29: Dexter McCluster, RB/WR, Ole Miss -- If it's versatility you're looking for, then McCluster's your man. He and Percy Harvin were the only players in the league last season with more than 600 yards rushing and more than 600 yards receiving. McCluster has gained some weight and should be even more effective in the "Wild Rebel" formation next season.


No. 26: Anthony Dixon, RB, Mississippi State -- Having trimmed down to 235 pounds and moving better than he has in some time, Dixon figures to be a busy man for the Bulldogs next season. He's a bruising runner between the tackles and needs just 610 yards to pass Jerious Norwood as Mississippi State's all-time rushing leader.

Really, Chris?  Dexter McCluster, a guy who you claim will be more effective this upcoming season than he was this last 1,200+ all-purpose yard season, barely breaks into your top-30?  The only guy you compared him to, Percy Harvin, isn't even in the damn league anymore.  What's even more baffling is the selection of Anthony Dixon at any spot higher than McCluster.  Chris, look, we all know that you want to include players from every SEC team, and that's great.  And we also know that Anthony Dixon has the build, size, and skill to be a good SEC player, but even Anthony Dixon doesn't think he's better than Dexter McCluster.  Hell, if you asked SEC head coaches who they'd rather have on their team, 11 out of 12 would spend about four seconds thinking about it before taking McCluster.  The one who wouldn't is, of course, Lane Kiffin who would first hit up his douche box iPhone to check out these pages before making his decision.