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Rebel Roundup: The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly

The Good - While 25 Days a Week didn't fanpost the 2nd round of the Oxford Tennis Regional (hosted by the city of Baton Rouge), you didn't exactly need him to tell you that our Rebels beat LSU... again.  Despite Rick Cleveland's seething hatred for Ole Miss (hellooo Spirit board!), he wrote an excellent piece on the tennis weekend here.  One snippet of the article which warmed my heart a little was this:

[Bram] Ten Berge is one of two Ole Miss seniors who was supposed to walk during graduation ceremonies Saturday in Oxford. Swede Jonas Berg is the other. The parents of both players made the trans-Atlantic trip for their sons' graduation and found themselves in Baton Rouge instead.

But they'll be in Oxford this Sunday morning in Chancellor Robert Khayat's office where both Ten Berge and Berg will don cap and gown, along with Khayat, for a private graduation ceremony. Both will graduate with honors.

Damn, I love Chancellor Khayat for real.  Keep them rims spinnin, lawya.

The Bad - We dropped the series to Mississippi State.  Stunning.  Look out below for BWE's post which undoubtedly covers why Mike Bianco should be strung up by his chest hair and publicly humiliated because, you know, with the season not yet over we're STILL NOT IN OMAHA!!!!!1

The Ugly - COACH NUTT CAIN'T RUHCROOT!!  Sure, sure, right now we look like dumb-dumbs when looking at this totally badass map that someone with more free time than the average sports bloggeur put together.  But, when considering what overly strong recruiters can do for things such as, I dunno, your player satisfaction, APR score, and national perception of your program, I'll take a goofy Arkansan with crazy eyes.  Giggity giggity, bitches.