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Eight Game Win Streak Should Reach 11

Last week, I picked the Rebels to beat Kentucky thrice and earn the sweep, so yeah, I'm feeling cocky(pun intended) as shit this weekend.

Right now, Mike Bianco doesn't have the team running full throttle and blowing out teams by ridiculous 20 run margins, but we're a solid, fundamental baseball team.  A second sweep isn't at all out of the question for our South Carolina series.

So, let's take a looky-loo at the pitching match-ups for this weekend.

FRIDAY: Pomeranz(UM) LHP vs Dyson(USC) RHP

Dyson has gotten lit up pretty good so far this year with a 4.85 ERA, but somehow has managed to earn a 4-2 record. He's got some good stuff, striking out 40 in 42.2 IP. The Rebels strike out around six times per nine innings with Matt Smith(what a damn shocker) leading the way. I don't want to be too hard on Matt though; he's gotten much better from his near record setting strikeout season last year. Pomeranz has yet to lead the Rebels into the ravages of defeat. He couldn't start on Friday of last week because he was sick before being miraculously cured for Saturday's start(sounds like a hangover, we're proud).

SATURDAY: Irwin(UM) RHP vs Belcher(USC) LHP

Irwin didn't disappoint last weekend and has compiled a nice 5-1 record with a sub 3.00 ERA this season. Opponents are batting .256 off of him, which isn't horrible by any means, but I'm beginning to wonder if he'll continue to pitch out of tough situations for the remainder of the season like he has been thus far. Belcher has had eight appearances for the Cocks with five of those being starts. He's got a 4.50 ERA and strikes out about one per inning. He's also a freshman, so we oughta hAZe ThE NeWBerzie!!!!!11111!1!!

SUNDAY: Bittle(UM) RHP vs Cooper(USC) RHP

Bittle's pitching last weekend nearly got me aroused (ED Ghost: he totally did get me aroused). That's how spectacular he was shutting down the 'Cats. He leads the team in ERA and K's and should be going up against Carolina's Blake Cooper(4-2, 4.42 ERA). Cooper might be the best pitcher in the Cock's weekend rotation and they'll need it as Sunday won't present the best chance for a Carolina victory.

Looking at South Carolina's lineup, they've got a few guys that can flat out hit the ball, hard. Depending on their batting order, it might be impossible to pitch around some of these guys in tight spots. Pomeranz is my biggest worry facing this team right now. South Carolina did win a game against Arkansas earlier in the year, which not many teams can say. I feel good about any kind of low scoring affair with these gents, otherwise I'd be awful concerned it'll end up like the 13-11 Mercer clusterfuck we saw earlier in the year.


Friday: Ole Miss 7 USC 3

Saturday: Ole Miss 3 USC 2

Sunday: Ole Miss 9 USC 3


Your thoughts, predictions, analysis, insults?