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You catch it, you keep it: foul balls brought to you by Merchants and Farmers Bank

Don't look now, but the Rebels are riding an 8 game win streak into this weekend's series with South Carolina.  Ever since losing back to back one-run games to finish the LSU series, the Rebels have reeled off eight straight victories. 

There has not been any sort of common theme throughout the victories; rather, it's been a combination of clutch hitting, solid pitching, and good 'ole determination that has gotten the job done. 

The winning this week began last night with a 5-4 victory over the Privateers of New Orleans.  The Rebel pitching staff provided a shutout tonight to win 7-0.   

One Man to Beat will be providing a quality preview of the series with USC this weekend, but I would like to examine a couple of interesting stats from SEC play.  You all see the averages they put on the jumbotron, but how are the players fairing in SEC play?


Jordan Henry leads the way with a .452 average.

Zach Miller .342

Matt Smith .333 

Logan Power .293

Matt Snyder .286

As a team:  .278


Scott Bittle 1.42 ERA

David Goforth 1.50 ERA

Jake Morgan 2.45 ERA

Drew Pomeranz 3.24 ERA

Brett Bukvich 94.50 ERA

Team Stats

9th in SEC in batting average with a .278

1st in SEC in pitching with a 4.46 ERA

3rd in SEC in fielding % with a .976

Jordan Henry is 3rd in SEC in batting average among players who have played in all 12 SEC games with a .452 (4th in hits)

Scott Bittle leads the SEC in ERA with a 1.42 

Before you embarrass yourself and try to prove me wrong, remember that all of these stats are only from SEC games.