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The Cup: Scooping the Clarion-Ledger Since 2009.

You may almost certainly do not recall that on March 10, I found time between law school and working devilishly to destroy your cherished Ole Miss traditions from the ivory tower for which I am named to report that Bram ten Berge would be named the SEC Scholar Athlete of the Year, alternatively called the Robert McWhorter Scholarship.  I would make it easy and link to that post for you, but SB Nation, apparently, does not want me to put more than one link in my posts today.

Nevertheless, boom goes the dynamite.

Hey, David Brandt, you're about 27 days late on that whole "scholar athlete of the year" thing.  I so scooped you man.  You got served like ice cream, son!  How's that taste?  Huh?  Does it takes like Mississippi mud?  I bet it does, 'cause you're eating my dust.

In conclusion, I have two points.  First, congratulations to Bram ten Berge and myself, respectively, for being named SEC Scholar Athlete of the Year and for beating the Clarion-Ledger to a story by almost a month.  Second, I am specifically authorizing Ghost to edit this post by lacing it with the profane language suitable for serious smack talk.