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Rebel Roundup: SB Nation Links

Smeargle Gets Fanposts Started - I'm surprised it took so long, being as how so many of you aren't afraid to share your opinions with the rest of the intratubes, but the Cup's first Fanpost was published yesterday evening.  For those of you who are unaware, Fanposts give folks besides the regular Cupdaters the opportunity to contribute to Red Cup Rebellion via their own blog posts.  Check it here and read Smeargle's thoughts on the newly expanded baseball stadium and the state of Ole Miss Baseball in general.  He also uploaded a pretty neat panorama of OUS as a fanshot to accompany his post. 



Draft Talk - Mile High Report, SBNation's Denver Bronco's blog, talks up Mike Wallace while  Canal Street Chronicles, SBNation's Nawlins Saints blog, tabs Mike Oher as being the 7th overall pick in their mock draft.  If you look at the top of our page just under the ad, you'll see a "REBELS" button which will bring you to a page which compiles just about all SBNation posts which are Ole Miss related.  That's how I found these so, if we're bummin' around one day and actually doing our jobs (our real jobs, not this) and haven't updated the site in a while, click that link and see what you can find.

Finally, some Sensible Tiders - All things are relative, of course, but the folks at Roll Bama Roll recently e-discussed the Bobbie Massie/Yancy Porter/Nick Saban/Erik controversy with civility and reason.  I'll have my thoughts on this later on today.  It'll likely piss some folks off which lets you know it'll be interesting enough.