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Rebel Roundup: Photos, Tackles, et al

New Photos of Basketball Practice Facility Up - Check it out on  It's looking like this could end up being a pretty significant facility upgrade which would be much needed in our basketball program.

Bob Knight Cool with Assault - But, you knew that already.  Andy Kennedy has been nominated for the Clair Bee Coach of the Year Award.  Of interesting note is the award's selection committee which is composed of Bob Knight, Dean Smith and Dick Vitale among others.  For those of you (read: all of you) who weren't aware, Coach Clair F. Bee compiled an .826 lifetime winning percentage while coaching The Long Island University Blackbirds, still the best in major-college coaching history.

Bobbie Massie vs. Nick Saban Controversy Revisited - Remember this (the final blurb)?  Now the bison-wearing-a-man-suit we are planning to utilize at left tackle over the next few years is saying that nothing vicious or mean-spirited happened between him Nick Saban during his recruitment and that his words have been misused.  Is it just me, or would Yancy's story have gotten lost in the fold had Alabama not have been involved?  "HAY!  MOTHERFUCKER!  This Ole Pi$$ Weebil is sayin' SHIT 'bout da TAHD!!!"

Don Banks Thinks Oher Could Play Halfback - Ok, I'm gonna say "not really" in that I'm assuming his listing of Michael Oher as "OT/RB" in his latest mock draft was a bit of an editorial slipup.  He has Oher as going to the Vikings with the 22nd overall pick and Peria Jerry going to the Broncos with the 18th overall.  Other notable ass-backwards predictions include (but are not limited to) Brian Cushing being picked earlier than Rey Maualuga; Donald Brown of UConn being picked up before Knowshon Moreno, LeSean McCoy, and Shonn Greene; and Michael Crabtree being picked 2nd overall, let alone the first round.

Rebs in LSU's Box - Eh, eh, *nudge nugde* get it?  Oh, nevermind.  Faithful Cup reader Smeargle has uploaded some photos he took of the New Alex Box Stadium in Baton Rouge from last weekend so look out below for those.