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Post Draft Analysis: Peria Jerry

The second in an at least four part series, the Cup discusses Peria Jerry being selected 24th by the Atlanta Falcons.

Suffice it to say that I'm very excited to see Peria doing the dirty bird. Sure, I feel like he could have been a perennial pro-bowler playing for Indy, but Atlanta is also a great fit.

For Jerry, it means he goes to a team with young talent all over the place and helps improve a defense that has just released many of its veterans. Matt Ryan, the rookie of the year, Michael Turner, Jerious Norwood and Tony Gonzalez help keep the offense moving. The addition of Jerry gives the Falcons John Abraham, Jamaal Anderson, Jonathan Babineaux and Jerry as their defensive line starters. The defense has several question marks behind them, but a front four that can get as much pressure as that group will go a long way in winning football games.

Falcons fans may worry that they already have their three-technique tackle in Jonathan Babineaux, but Peria Jerry isn't JUST a pass rusher. He's an every down wrecking ball. His ability to get to the quarterback is incredible, and it will show in the NFL.

It's great to see Jerry getting paid. First round money, albeit 24th, is a sizable chunk of change. We'll see how much that scrilla is later this summer when Jerry signs his contract. Bus Cook, Jerry's agent, is known for getting good deals for his players.

Lastly, Jerry joining the Falcons means that Mississippians will get to watch him on television a lot. That's a blessing. I doubt we'll be seeing many Ravens games.