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Post Draft Analysis: Michael Oher

Now that the NFL draft is said and done, what do we Rebels need to expect from our former football player's new employers? In this four part series, we at the Cup will do our best to outline our feelings and conjectures on the futures of Michael Oher, Peria Jerry, Mike Wallace, and Jamarca Sanford. We'll be presenting our ruminations on each player in the order of their respective selection so, naturally, Michael Oher is up first.

Baltimore, huh? I can't say any of us saw that one coming. Many people thought Oher would end up in Cincinnati, San Francisco, or Philadelphia while few, if any, even mentioned Baltimore. If you'll recall, I opined that Philly or Cincy would be ideal for the our very own feel-good-movie-to-be but, after putting three seconds or so of thought into it, I think Baltimore will be an excellent place for Oher.

Consider this: The Ravens were in the AFC Championship game last season with a rookie quarterback and head coach. Their defense is solid, their halfbacks are solid, and their roster has plenty of emerging young stars. This is a team that will be winning a lot of games over the next few seasons and it's great to see one of our Rebels get to be a part of that.*

There have been some murmurs going about suggesting that Oher may end up at the Ravens right tackle slot. While this isn't exactly thrilling in that he would certainly make more money at the other tackle position, it gives me confidence that he'll have a longer, more fruitful pro career by increasing his versatility. I also feel that the Ravens may be preparing Oher to replace Willie Anderson, the aging 13-year NFL veteran and 4-time pro-bowl selection at offensive tackle.

I am very, very confident that Oher will perform well in Baltimore as will Baltimore as a franchise. When considering what our concerns for our favorite college athletes upon the moment their professional transition should be (money and wins), this will work out just fine for him.

Nice work, Baltimore. Nice work, Mike. We can't wait to see you on Sundays.

*Actually, three Rebels are now a part of this franchise with the recent additions of Tre Stallings and Jason Cook to the roster.