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Ideal Recruiting Part Three - 11-15

This is the third part in a series of five. Recruits 21-25 are here. 16-20 are here.

Now we're beginning to hit the really big time players. After the jump, you'll see who I list as the #11-15 best players in an ideal recruiting class (which I'll post after the fifth and final post of the series).

15. Taurice King - OLB - Yazoo City - 6'2" 225 lbs. - Judging by his film, King excels in pass rushing. He displays great speed, vision, and the ability to shed blocks laid by players bigger than he. Sure, he doesn't have the offer list or stars of some of the players I've already named and ranked below him, but he's at a need position, and I think his film is very good.

14. Travis Dickson - TE/FB/DE - Ocean Springs - 6'3" 235 lbs. - With no film, it's difficult for me to truly assess this player. Still, I have to admit that I was stunned by his offer list and put him here. If he's anything like his brother, he could have a major impact for us in an h-back or TE role.

13. Jarrick Williams - S - Blount (AL) - 6'2" 205 lbs. - Jarrick Williams is really the first player on the list that many will question. Not because he isn't a great player but because he isn't talking about us. However, this list is not made up of the top 25 players that want to come to Ole Miss. It's made up of the 25 that we have offers out to who I want to sign. Williams is an excellent athlete, and it shows through his ball skills. Sure, he's not a head hunter when it comes to tackling, but I think that with offenses becoming what they are during this era in college football, it's much more important to have a safety who excels in coverage than it is to have one who excels when the ball has already been caught or in run-stopping situations.

12. James Carmon - DT - Gulf Coast CC - 6'7" 370 lbs. - Carmon's video shows two things above everything else. 1) Size and 2) Strength. He doesn't display above average speed for a DT, but he does flash speed that is more than you expect from a 370 pounder. Carmon isn't the same type of DT that we've become accustomed to at Ole Miss in Peria Jerry. When he does actually make plays in the backfield, it's generally after spending a few seconds shaking his double team. However, his junior college team put him in at the anchor in their 3-4 defense, so it's very possible that the lack of big plays that are shown is due to the fact that the NT in the 3-4 almost never actually makes plays. he just opens up the line so that the linebackers can do so. The reason I have Carmon so high is because of his incredible attributes and our need at DT. If Gaines, Smiley, and Tillman don't get in this year, we've struck out at DT.

11. Zach Lee - Count me in for the philosophy that for a program to remain great, it has to sign a good QB every single season. Lee's video and offer sheet satisfy that requirement. I've heard from at least three different sources that Kent Austin is the coach on our staff who's least willing to give a scholarship to a player, especially a qb. Zach is the only QB we've offered thusfar. Obviously, our coaches are really high on him. I am too. He's very accurate and has good arm strength.


Check back in a few days for 6-10. We're getting close to the end.

Also, if any of you have made it this far, feel free to assess how this (mock) class is looking.