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Tennis Quickie

As I mentioned previously, the Rebels beat LSU 4-2 in their opening match at the SEC Tournament.  Kalle Norberg makes me believe that life is more than a series of coincidences and accidents.

Florida beat Alabama 4-3, but I did not investigate the specifics.  That means the Rebels will, indeed, play the Gators tomorrow at 11.  I'll be hoping for periodic updates from FotC 25 Days a Week.

Tennessee is in control against Kentucky.  They took the doubles point and lead, I think, four of six singles match.

However, watch out for the Auburn Tigers, who took the doubles point from UGA, as well as, the first sets at #1 singles and, maybe, #4 singles.  I still expect Georgia to win, but there's a least the possibility of the home upset for the War PlainsTigers.

Live scoring and box scores from the 11:00 matches are at Tournament Central .