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National Runners Up Come to Oxford

I can't imagine being a UGA fan in Omaha last year. The national title is basically sitting in your dugout with an engraver about to cut your university's namesake upon it. When suddenly, from the West, a band of carpetbaggers swoop in and take it from you.

If Ole Miss ever makes it to Omaha and that kind of shit happens, I'd be sent into fits of epilepsy for least until football season.

UGA fans are generally good people. They love the suburbs, big trucks and tailgating much like every other SEC school.

Ole Miss sports an 11-8 record against the 'Dawgs under Mike Bianco. UGA rolls into town with a #1 riding beside their name, however.

There's a few reasons why the Rebels will take two of three from the 'Dawgs this weekend...

1.) Dominant pitching: We've got the best ERA in the SEC in conference play. We shut down 'Bama when Ross Wilson and those other Hoover loving homo's came to town. 'Bama bats .341 as a team, and we took two of three. Georgia has the second best batting average in the conference and a great pitching staff. The distance between the two staffs is very slim, but I'll put our three starters up against anyone at this point.

2.) Errors: The fielding was atrocious against USM on Wednesday. Thankfully, the Mustard Buzzards play with holes in their bats. Other than a few games that were ugly, our defense is quality and the Mort-Button-Smith-Miller infield has prospered once Bianco figured out they were the best four. UGA has the second most errors in the conference, the most going to Florida...remember how that series in Gainesville went? 

3.) Quality AB's: UGA has a great slugging percentage, but they also strike out nearly as much as Mississippi State. Bianco calls every single pitch and I think he tries to go for the strike out too often, but this should work in our favor this weekend. 

4.) Motivation: UGA beat our beloved Rebels last season in Athens, and we exacted revenge in the SEC tourney. We are closing in on a possible SEC regular season championship, and I think it will come down to who wants it more. UGA has their apathetic streaks for whatever reason, dropping games that they shouldn't during the season. 

Plus, we've got fireworks, Double Decker and the MaYoR OF OxfORD throwing out the first pitch!!! They've really put a lot of festivities into this weekend, so the pressure is on to go out and blow the doors off this series. At least for this weekend, our bats will be hot enough to survive the 'Dawgs.


Friday: UM 7 UGA 3

Saturday: UGA 5 UM 2

Sunday: UM 8 UGA 4