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Georgia v Ole Miss: The Numbers

I'm so nervous about the series this weekend that I cannot stop thinking about it.  So, I decided to investigate how these two teams compare from a statistical standpoint.  As you faithful readers know, I only pay attention to conference statistics.  So, here they are:

Category Ole Miss Georgia
Batting Avg. .282 .275
ERA 4.29* 4.61

Fielding %

.974 .965
On Base % .362 .352
Slugging % .419 .482
GDP 8 8
Oppon. BA .262* .272
Saves 4 7*
Runs Allowed 91* 98

* denotes conference leader

As you can see, the Rebels are better in conference play with most meaningful categories.  We've played a tougher schedule to this point, and despite this, our numbers are better.  Georgia has played State, Tennessee, and Kentucky which are the conference bottom feeders.  So, we'll see who is the better this weekend. 

I'm sure that One Man to Beat will have his preview up tomorrow, but I wanted you to see the numbers.