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Rebel Roundup

Dawgs Enter On Losing Streak.  Okay, so one game is not really a streak.  But, maybe, losing to Jacksonville State is enough to convince Brian Walker's Elbow that even a guy like Dave Perno, who has made it to Omaha twice, can lose a few inexcusable games and still be an okay guy.

Tigers Next Up for Rebels.  SEC Championship Tennis is going down in Auburn, and the first-round-bye-having Rebels now know that they will face the Bayou Bengals tomorrow.  I have told you, more or less, what I think of the Tigers.  But, assuming nuclear holocaust is not imminent, I will give you some more information after we win tomorrow.

Thank Goodness.  Swayze is finally open.  There will be fireworks.  And if you thought Pete ain't never learnt nuthin', he has wisely scheduled them on Friday night instead of Saturday.  

If You Don't Like the Weather in Mississippithen f*** you.  Malcolm White is transferring to LSU. If you knew already, well then, I'm real proud of you, but I don't Google News search "Ole Miss" every forty-five minutes, so I just found out.  Oh, well, just another reason to be a die-hard fan of a minor sport.  When stuff like this happens, I can fall back on, "Oh, yeah?  Well, we're gonna go medieval on you in tennis!"