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Rebels beat Hardy Street High, 8-4

At times, Wednesday's game was reminiscent of a pregame batting practice for the Rebels as they slugged their way to their 30th victory of the year.

Okay, "slugged" is the wrong verb to use. They basically dismantled the hapless USM squad by a collection of singles, doubles and even the ever exciting TrIPle!!1!!!!1

Brett Bukvich proved that even though he shaved his majestical porn 'stache off, he can still dominate most batters from MSU and USM.

If you want to read more about the ridiculous USM fans we encountered during this game, click for the rest of the story. If you want to read about how valiantly the Mustard Buzzards fought against the evil Webbels...go to damn Big Gold Nation or some other shitty site.

Bukvich had a no-no going into the fifth. That should basically sum up how bad USM's lineup is right now without Brian Dozier. 

David Goforth and Rory McKean added quality relief with Goforth tossing three no hit innings to close out the game.

Goforth is like a miniature version of Cody Satterwhite and tonight there was a great example. He was throwing hard and erratically striking out batters but all the while keeping Ole Miss fans in suspense. Goforth hit the bat behind one player's head for a foul ball during his relief appearance. That's either great aim or Satterwhite-like control.

Jake Morgan got up throwing for the Rebels in the eighth, but Bianco brought him back in when Goforth shut down USM for a second straight inning.

There was an old USM fan we noticed who had a golden eagle puppet in her lap. Every time USM did something good, she "flew" the eagle around her general seating area. Senility must be fantastic.

One Golden Eagle fan sported some cut off jean shorts with a Southern Miss Rugby shirt on. By the seismic activity I felt when he walked by, I doubt he was actually on the team running in any capacity. Just by the look on my face when he passed my wife told me to "be nice." That's when you need to cut back on the Funyuns and Faygo.

There weren't too many Southern Miss To the Top! cheers and most of their fans left before the start of the eighth inning. Attendance was not great by any means in their chair backed section. The general admission was very full, however. 

I'm pretty sure Evan Button went five for five with two triples in the game. It may have been the high sodium content I absorbed through two cokes and a bag of sunflower seeds, but it really might have happened. Wow. Good game, EB.

Our players weren't incredibly into the game, jumping up and down and all that nonsense. They came to win, and it showed. Well done and Hotty Toddy.

Next up, the Rebels have a three game series with the #1 ranked Georgia Bulldogs on a weekend of baseball ecstasy. They'll have old teams honored, public tours of the stadium and even the Oxford mayor will throw out the first pitch!!!! OMG!!!!

We'll have the preview up whenever we damn well please, but hopefully before we actually play one of the games.